Moving Onward

Hey everyone! Two pieces of news tonight.

1. We have a new full length album coming soon! We’ll have sexy, exciting details for you all shortly, but for now just know that we’re going to drop some seriously beautiful and crushing sounds on the world by this summer. Prepare your jaws for floor impact, is what we’re trying to say.

2. We’re discontinuing use of this Tumblr and will keep blogging on Wordpress from now on. If any of you are on there, head over and follow us on the new digs! This is really just a matter of aesthetics and ease of use. We probably won’t delete this page, but we’re also not going to be updating it anymore. This shouldn’t be a huge issue because we were never good at updating it anyway. Sorry, Tumblrsphere :( If you’re not on Wordpress, make sure you’ve liked us on our Facebook to stay up to date on news and updates. Facebook will never die, even if you want it to.

It’s been real. Love and dissonance always.


Dear fans: Thanks for all your love and support! Here’s some new ambient reworkings of material from Salutations— we hope you enjoy it!

Have you ever wanted to listen to our song Interference for an hour?

Now you can, with the magic of Computers.

Hey everyone, you can now listen to our music via Spotify! Actually we’ve been on Spotify for a while…BUT WHO CARES! Get your Damascus on anywhere you use Spotify. And don’t forget to tell your friends!

(Source: Spotify)


Last weekend we played a backyard show in northern New Jersey. It was a really sick time, since Not-A-Fest Fest featured a whole ton of incredible bands from all over the northeast.

This was our first ever show as a five-piece, as Jason Morejón played third guitar alongside the original members. It went swimmingly, but unfortunately there’s no footage or pics from the show of us playing. Don’t worry, you can look forward to seeing and hearing more of that in the future.

The show was set up and hosted by the fantastic Au Revoir, who you should check out right now.

Here’s a pic of Wess Meets West doing their thing. They completely ruled.

Also, all the other bands that played were great too:

Ports of Spain


Goliath & Me


Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe

(told you it was an awesome lineup!)

We’ve got more shows coming up this summer, so check out our schedule and come see us tear some places apart!

basement shows are fun. by danielle davies photography

basement shows are fun. by danielle davies photography